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Aug 1, 2013 1:00pm PDT
texas congressional colleague, the staggeringly brilliant louie goment, who lent support. >> who do you want to die in america that has breast cancer so that we're on a par with the english system? it will all be equalized, so everybody will be getting less than the health care they would get without obama care. >> everybody will be getting less? really even the 45 million people who have no health insurance at all? lord, what fools these mortals be. let's get to our panel. here in new york city is joy reid, the managing editor of david corn, and also msnbc policy analyst, the great ezra klein of "the washington post." joy, i apologize for comparing british parliamentary history with speaker boehner, but there was the parliament of dunces in 1404, when lawyers were banned. then there was the adult parliament of 1614. has speaker boehner managed to -- the addled and the dunces umpgts and then throw in the do-nothing congress that we had in this fair country. i think the funniest part was the part in the introwhen they said they were going on recess. i had no idea they were a
Aug 8, 2013 1:00pm PDT
the real protections we've had, and you saw right away in texas. >> within hours. >> within hours, texas had enacted a reapportionment plan that a three-judge federal court in washington declared not only was in effect, but intentionally rachellely discriminatory and therefore illegal, as soon as they threw out the fact that texas had to get such laws clear, texas announced they would institute -- they would effectuate the all right declared racially discriminatory redistricting plan, and states are coming up with all these different voter suppression items. so yes, that plus the effects on the judiciary, and another thing, we've had increasingly in the last 20 years draconian minimum -- mandatory minimum sentences, which means that a prosecutor, not a judge, really hat the negotiating leverage. the prosecutor says to a defendant if i don't plead guilty, i'll give you a 30-year sentence. if you ploo ed guilty, we'll make it six months. and the odds -- the disparity is so great that there's tremendous pressure, especially when there isn't adequate legal representation on innocent defendan
Aug 26, 2013 1:00pm PDT
to be anything more than a senator from texas. >> we're going to take back america. >> i have people who want to we want to take our country backing >> it is 50 years after dr. king's speech. >> where are we going? >> if dr. king was here, i'm sure he would say congratulations on the progress that's been made. >> does affirmative action and special treatment need to end? >> let's keep going. the dream is not fully achieved yet. >> we must give our young people dreams again. >> what's going on about voting rights is down right evil. >> they claim there's widespread abuse. nothing substantiates that. >> there is some forces want to the create this sense of fear. >> we're having a tremendous amount of this black on white violence. >> they think the country is moving too fast. instead of bringing racial harmony, having an african-american president has exacerbated the problem, >> the country's not the same country. >> it's always somethinging thering to stir up controversy. >> joining us now is maria teresa coo kumar and jonathan capehart of the "washington post" as well as james peterson, direct
Aug 7, 2013 1:00pm PDT
tweeted this about texas state senator wendy davis. it is a bit embarrassing that abortion barbie doesn't even have her facts straight on kermit gosnell considering abortion is her issue. what do you think of that as a reaction? >> i'm going to take one from joe scarborough. it's stupidity. this is the last thing the republicans -- >> when you use the word stupidity. that suggests irrationality, this is an educated, highly articulate man describing wiend davis as an abortion barbie. >> he knows how offensive that is. he's going for that. he wants the people to get excited about that and rally behind him. what he clearly doesn't care about is the future of the republican party who doesn't have a future with women, and that language isn't going to invite women into the party. it's offensive to see a tweet like that sent out, and i hope it doesn't continue. it's frustrating. >> we should remember that erick erickson is the same person who tweeted a link to wholesale coat hanger retailer after the restrictive abortion law passed in texas. so i think abbey is right. he wants to be inflammato
Aug 12, 2013 1:00pm PDT
's been doing has been pioneered in states like texas and southern states. i expect they'll criticize him anyway because of the politics of opportunityism. them problem goes back more than 40 years. nixon's war on drugs is as big a failure as his war in vietnam was. we've had an 800% increase in the number of people in jails while the country's population has gone up a little more than 200%. we have way too many people in jail, more per capita than any other country in the world. i think what the attorney general has done here is a very significant reform, and i think it's larger meaning is we're going to see the president blocked by congress in so many ways use executive action to make a lot of important changes. >> okay. nia-malika, a lot of law and orderno nouews today. in iowa, we got hear wisdom from the father of senator ted cruz. take a listen to him. >> socially some requires that government becomes your god. that's why they have to destroy the concept of god. they have to destroy all loyalties except loyalty to the government. that's what was -- is behind homosexual marriage. >>
Aug 27, 2013 1:00pm PDT
cruz where he comes from, texas the highest rate of uninsured in the country. is it even conceivable his stand to take down this health care ta could help so many texans, is there any way this could be popular in texas? >> well, unfortunately, it really is. if you look at the road to economic mobility, it is a pot mark filled with sinkholes today. it would be people like ted cruz who don't want to the fill in that will infrastructure, who feel like they don't want to use their hard earned dollars to help other people. those other people get things like quality health care access to quality basic education. those kinds of things that would, you know, help them along this economic trail. so there's really an us versus them kind of mentality going on. unfortunately, it has taken root, you know, among grass-roots republicans. >> karen, and despite all of that, you know, to goldie's point, this is a grassroots issue. it is popular with the base. cruz is still looked at a conceivable presidential candidate. i want to read you, speaking of right on right crime is way before its time. listen
Aug 22, 2013 1:00pm PDT
file a new lawsuit against texas over the strict voter i.d. law. and in north carolina retired general colin powell, a republican, used the speech in an economic forum in front of that state's governor to bash north carolina's recently passed law which not only hurts minority and poor voters, but also eliminates preregistration initiatives for high school students. >>> joining us now to discuss, reverend jesse jackson sr. welcome, sir. >> i'm thinking about marching in 1965, the same forces that lined up against democrat advertised democracy then, they're like wolfs in sheep clothing. they're not fundamentally changed. let us not forget in '40 and '65, no women were on the supreme court. plaques couldn't vote, 18-year-olds couldn't vote. those serving in vietnam, you couldn't vote on college campuses, could not vote biracially, and women could not serve on juries thy about minus those categories of people, you have a real different america. >> absolutely those remembrances are important, because we will be commemorating the march, and obviously the "i have a dream" speech. give us a se
Aug 28, 2013 1:00pm PDT
receipt from one of my relatives in texas who had to pay to vote. and the conversations that we get distracted with where folks are trying to quite divide, conquer and divide and not talk about the real issues that continue today. >> yeah, and that continues, tamron. i remember those days. i remember when gas stations would have three bathrooms and men, women and colored. and so it was very useful i think for congressman louis to remind us of that. to hear dr. king's whole speech again, you know, it's interesting that the point at which the speech takes off when he talks about i have a dream at the suggestion of mahalia jackson who says tell them about the dream mar tirn, in the background and it just takes off those two parts of the speech are fascinating to hear. and then as chris said, it's a source to another plain and you just think of the very few men and women in history who had that pa sort of power with their words to shape reality with their words and you think of lincoln, of churchill and dr. king. rice is right. we're not going to hear words that powerful again anytime s
Aug 6, 2013 1:00pm PDT
. look at texas today. >> that's exactly right. i mean, we need a voting rights act more today than ever because we see -- it's quite intentional. as soon as this decision was made, these folks came out and said look, we're going to try to do now things that might have been prevented had the supreme court not done what it just recently did. and applaud the attorney general. i just don't think, martin, that people are going to allow our democracy to go backwards. i mean, a lot of people thought with the last election that people would stay home or they'd be very, you know, upset and they would you know give up. but what happened is they took a negative and turned it into a positive and that's why president obama is president today. >> yes. now, the president has just been in arizona speaking. and arizona's trent franks whom heritage action scores as the house's most conservative member, told politico last month it's wise, it's wise for the gop to stay silent on the voting rights act. >> i think that's very unfortunate. >> isn't it that sort of thinking hurting that party's future prospect
Aug 13, 2013 1:00pm PDT
within hours, texas, north carolina immediately moved to restrict the right to vote. no shame about it. i think it is to the shame of the supreme court's conservative majority. it is to the shame of these governors in these states that the 50 years on as we're about to celebrate the anniversary of this march which was the fundamental right to vote for americans for the american people which isn't in the constitution and should be. 50 years on to strip that away is shameful. it is to the everlasting shame of that court. >> final word to you, mr. agnew. shameful? is. >> absolutely. and just last week, in response to that, the dream defenders announced our intentions to register 61,0005850 voters here in florida, the lgbtq, the black is, the brown, the poor around the state. we'll meet them whenever they are. what would be more shameful is if we didn't make sure that governors like the one we have, politicians like the ones we have on both sides of the aisle aren't held accountable for either supporting this or standing aside while our voting rights and our basic rights as citizens are being
Aug 14, 2013 1:00pm PDT
to a gentleman from the texas called congressman louis gohmert having a spectacular summer. listen to this. >> of course we know that this president, this administration has done more to stir up racial tension and violence than any administration since, you know, the '60s. i thought we were going to have a post racial president, and he's become the president of division, of envy, of jealousy. >> you have repeatedly criticized this president for not standing and talking about race because he's been so relucta reluctant. mr. gohmert says this president is stirring up racial tension and violence. >> i believe mr. gohmert may be consuming some of the ineeb rating and intoxating elements that has led some young people to jail. obama has spoken once about race while in the white house after the trayvon martin verdict. he made a brief statement after skip gates and we know what happened there. he made a brief treatment trayvon could have looked like his son. no extended commentary on race at all till trayvon martin's death was dealt with and the george zimmerman not guilty verdict. so this man is
Aug 15, 2013 1:00pm PDT
defran which he is coe soto, professor from the university of texas, from lehigh university, professor james peterson. senator schumer sounds far less confident now that the house will pass a comprehensive bill. is it too soon to say good-bye to the kind of immigration reform that all of us got excited about and thought might well pass at some point over the period of this current president's tenure? >> while i'm still hopeful, martin, i think we're already past that point because the length of time they have, even in this bill, for the pathway to citizenship, i think for me is somewhat untenable, actually. i think it doesn't really get to the core of the issue and the challenges around undocumented folk in this country right now. i think senator schumer is probably dealing with the reality now of the kind of obstacle course that this kind of reform is going to actually require. and at the end of the day i'm hopeful that we'll get something out of it, but it seems to me that this bill is so much more about border protection and about borders than it is about what your real challenges a
Aug 19, 2013 1:00pm PDT
in texas, and elsewhere. we can do it. it's also changing behavior. and it's providing opportunities for young people, as well. why don't we focus as local governments on providing enhanced opportunities whether it be recreational, after school jobs. this is what i think attorney general holder has said in his major speech that he offered. he wants to look at the overall criminalization and he views it i think from the context that it is burdening one race or races than others. i think that is a fair assessment. >> i want to bring professor ogletree back in. one final question to you. one of the other things that mayor bloomberg attempted to do was turn the criticism back on those who have opposed stop and frick and saying they never raise the concerns about the level of violence in these communities and the deaths of young black man. how do you respond to mayor bloomberg on that one? >> first of all, he's wrongen an so is the commissioner. we've been talking about black on black crime many years, the same kind of concern. our concern is the president said it, the attorney general sa
Aug 20, 2013 1:00pm PDT
. >> ted cruz of texas is dealing with questions about his birthplace. >> i guess not all birther controversies are created equal. >> his berth certificate which shows he was born in alberta, canada. >> is that a weed on there or what? >> ted cruz wants everybody to know. >> i was born in canada. >> he's not canadian. >> my mother is a uz citizen. so i'm a citizen by birth. >> the canadians. they walk among us. >> ted cruz. >> william shatner, michael j. fox. monty hall. >> is he willgible to be president of the united states? >> he was born in canada, perhaps not. >> ted cruz was asked about it. he produced his birth certificate. the president dragged his feet for years. >> i'm not sure where he was born. it's not. >> he was definitely born in canada. >> no doubt about it. >> all right. why doesn't president just produce his birth certificate. >> he spent a lot of the lot of his youth in indonesia. >> his early years were in hawaii smoking something. >> you think it was all racial. >> i'm shocked to find that gambling is going on in here. >> your wings, sir. >> thank you very muc
Aug 21, 2013 1:00pm PDT
the debate, you have to win the argument. you know, i think that makes more sense if you say it with a texas accent. unfortunately, as several protests during the rally indicated, even in the safe confines of a heritage action rally in the heart of dallas, conservatives are having trouble making the sale. worse, they seem to think the only thing their side is missing is some loud 2008 style yes, we can rhetoric. >> can we stop the irs? >> yes, we can. >> can we mobilize grass-roots america? >> yes, we can. >> and can we defund obama care? >> yes, we can. >> yes, we can. joining us is democratic congressman james clyburn of south carolina. welcome, congressman. >> thank you so much for having me, joy. >> congressman, why do you suppose that republicans think or do you think they're really do believe they can get barack obama to blink and literally sign the repeal of his own health care law? >> i doubt that very seriously. i would say to the little iteration there, two out of three ain't bad. they may get some grass-roots to rally. and i think they'll get grass-roots to the rally on the other
Aug 30, 2013 1:00pm PDT
the throats of the american people. >> that was texas republican senator and possible 2016 contender ted cruz tying crassly the president's thought process on syria to obama care. the president's signature health care law is set to mark a major milestone october 1st with the launch of federal insurance exchanges. as he lines up his allies including sarah palin in his continued attempt to defund the program the president lined up an ali with a much more impressive policy resume. >> let me just say, president clinton has been traveling all across the country for their campaign. he has been breaking it down so well that people tell me i should ask him to be can of explaining stuff. >> and for more on this fight, i'm joined by democratic strategist julian epstein and james peterson, director of african na studies as the lehigh university. i want you to both to weigh in, starting with you, julian, about the administration's moves on gun control we just reported. along with the shooting death of the 1-year-old in new orleans. do you think there's anything that will move congress to act on gun refor
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)